Radio Codes

New York City Police Department
Radio Signal Codes
Common Codes:

10-1 Call Your Command
10-2 Return To Your Command
10-3 Call Dispatcher By Telephone
10-4 Acknowledgment
10-5 Repeat Message
10-6 Standby
10-7 Verify Address
10-10 Possible Crime (prowler, suspicious person/vehicle, shots fired, etc.)
10-11 Alarm (specify type)
10-12 Police Officer/Security Holding Suspect
10-13 Assist Police Officer
10-14 License Plate Check - Occupied & Suspicious - Verify If Stolen
10-15 License Plate Check - Verify If Is Stolen - Occupied or Not
10-16 Vehicle is Reported Stolen
10-17 Vehicle is Not Reported Stolen
10-18 Warrant Check Shows An Active Warrant
10-19 Warrant Check Negative

Past /In progress Crime:
10-20/10-30 Robbery
10-21/10-31 Burglary
10-22/10-32 Larceny (specify: auto, from person, other)
/10-33 Explosive Device or Threat
10-24/10-34 Assault (specify)
10-25/10-35 Child Abuse
10-29/10-39 Other Crime (specify)
10-44 Suspicious Substance Reported (Bio/Chem/etc.) [L-Letter, P-Package, S-Substance]
Rapid Mobilization Codes:
(see also 10-70, 10-71, 10-77)
10-45 4 sergeants, 20 officers
10-46 1 lieutenant, 8 sergeants, 40 officers
10-47 Additional lieutenant, 8 sergeants, 40 officers
10-48 Unscheduled response as directed by officer in charge

Level One Responding Borough Task Force
Level Two Task Force - City Wide
Level Three Local Borough Precinct Personnel
Level Four Precinct Personnel - City Wide

Non Crime Incidents:
10-50 Disorderly Person/Group or Noise
10-51 Roving band (specify direction of travel & number in group)
10-52 Dispute (specify)
10-53 Vehicle Accident (specify)
10-54 Ambulance Case (specify type)
10-55 Ambulance Case No RMP required
10-56 Verify if Ambulance Needed
10-56 O Outstretched Person (used in transit condition needing verification)
10-57 2nd Call for Ambulance - verify
10-58 Assist Ambulance (specify type of assist)
10-59 Alarm of Fire (specify type)
10-60 H Research (disabled vehicle)
10-60 I Broadcast (chase/pursuit)

Administrative Codes:
10-61 Precinct Assignment/Not Available (give condition and location)
10-62 Out of Service - Mechanical (give condition and location)
10-63 Out of Service - Meal
10-64 Quality of Life Incident [A-Animal, B-Blocking Driveway, C-Construction
D-Drinking, E-Bikes/Skates, F-Fireworks
G-Garbage, H-Homeless, I-Hazardous Location
K-Lewd Acts, M-Posting Advertisements, N-Panhandling
P-Peddling, Q-Foul Odor, R-Trespass, S-Squeegee
T-Traffic, U-Urinating, V-Vandalism, Z-Other]

Other Conditions:
10-65 Utility Trouble (specify nature and if ESU responding or not)
10-66 Unusual Incident (train derailment/collision, plane crash, building collapse)
10-67 Traffic/Parking Condition (specify)
10-68 See Complainant re: (specify)
10-69 Other Non-Crime Incident (specify)
10-69 N Narcotics - refer to PDU
10-69 S For your eyes only - refer to out of city agency (specify)
10-75 P Park, Walk, Talk
10-75 V Vertical Patrol
10-75 D Directed Patrol

Mobilization Codes:
10-70 Borough emergency
10-71 Citywide emergency
10-77 Implement local mobilization plan

Assignment Status (interim):
10-80 Cancel (specify unneeded service)
10-81 Transporting to Stationhouse
10-82 Verificaton/Arrest (give number detained)
10-83 Report/Notification at Station House
10-84 Arrived at Scene
10-85 Need Additional Unit (specify type & reason)
10-86 Female In/Female Out of Vehicle (indicate time)
10-87 Unit to Hospital (specify hospital)
10-88 Vehicle Pursuit as a result of another assignment
10-89 Other Interim Status (specify)

Final Dispositions:
10-90 F1 Domestic Incident Report (no offense of domestic violence is alleged)
F2 Domestic Incident Report (unfounded report of domestic violence)
J1 Domestic Incident Report (no offense of child abuse is alleged)
J2 Domestic Incident Report (offense of reported child abuse is unfounded)
N Unfounded or Unnecessary Alarm
U Unable to gain entrance
X Unfounded
Y Unnecessary
Z Gone on arrival
10-91 Non-crime corrected
10-92 Arrest
C Crime Arrest (felony/misdemeanor, include number arrested)
F Family Offense Arrest Made
J Child Abuse Arrest Affected
Q Other Arrest (specify type)
10-93 C Complaint Report prepared for a crime
F Complaint Report/Domestic Incident (for Family Offense)
J Complaint Report/Domestic Incident (for Child Abuse)
Q Other report prepared (no arrest)
10-94 Handled by previous tour
10-95 Non-crime referred by another agency (specify)
10-96 Summons served
10-97 H Patient removed to hospital
R Patient refused medical aide
E1 EDP admitted to hospital
E2 EDP released from hospital
10-98 Resuming patrol/available (not acceptable from final unit on scene)
10-99 Other final disposition (must include remarks)
T4 Vehicle Accident - no tow truck required
T5 Vehicle Accident - DARP tow required
T6 Vehicle Accident - other tow service
T7 Vehicle Accident - DARP and other tow service
T8 Vehicle Accident - DARP requested, waited 30 minutes, made 2nd request, resumed patrol


Fire Department of the City of New York
Radio "10 CODES"

10-01 Call your quarters by telephone
10-02 Return to quarters
10-03 Call the dispatcher by telephone
10-04 Acknowledgment
10-05 Repeat
10-06 Stand by
10-07 Verify address
10-08 Available on the air
CODE 1: Used by battalion chiefs when leaving a firehouse to which their fire tickets were redirected
CODE 2: Used by any unit when they are in service by radio, but not in their first alarm response area
10-09 Off the air
10-10 Current location
10-11 Give a radio test count
10-12 First arriving unit give preliminary
10-13 Fire Marshall needs police assistance
10-14 Roster staffed engine
10-18 Return all units except 1 engine AND 1 ladder
10-19 Return all units except 1 engine OR 1 ladder
10-20 Proceed to box location at reduced speed
10-21 Brush fire
10-22 Outside rubbish fire
10-23 Abandoned derelict vehicle fire
10-24 Auto fire
10-25 Manhole or transformer vault fire
CODE 1 - Fire extended into building
CODE 2 - Multiple covers blown
CODE 3 - Smoke issuing under pressure
10-26 Food on stove
10-27 Compactor fire
10-28 Railroad fire, smoke or emergency
CODE 1 - NYC Transit System
CODE 2 - Non NYC Transit system
CODE 3 - Power to be shut down
CODE 4 - Confirm power shut down
CODE 5 - Emergency in transit
10-31 Clogged incinerator
10-32 Defective oil burner
10-33 Odor of smoke
CODE 1 - Caused by nearby working fire, BBQ's, salamanders, Etc.
CODE 2 - Any other type odor
10-34 Sprinkler system emergency
CODE 1 - Defective equipment
CODE 2 - Unnecessary alarm
CODE 3 - Non fire activated
10-35 Alarm system emergency
CODE 1 - Defective alarm
CODE 2 - Unnecessary alarm
CODE 3 - Recorded alarm
10-36 Automobile accident or emergency
CODE 1 - Wash down
CODE 2 - Accident - no injuries or wash down
CODE 3 - Accident with injuries
CODE 4 - Accident requiring extrication
NO CODE - All others
10-37 Assist civilian - first aid or other calls for assistance
CODE 1 - Victim deceased (non-fire related)
CODE 2 - Victim not breathing - requires resuscitation
CODE 3 - Victim is breathing with illness or injury
NO CODE - All others
10-38 Carbon monoxide response
CODE 1 - Detector activation (defective, low battery, unwarranted)
CODE 2 - Detector activation - CO incident - Readings 1-9 PPM
CODE 3 - Detector activation - CO emergency - Readings > 9 PPM
CODE 4 - No detector activation during incident or emergency (No detector present or did not activate)
10-40 Utility emergency
CODE 1 - Gas
CODE 2 - Electric
CODE 3 - Water condition
CODE 4 - Steam leak
10-41 Suspicious fire
CODE 1 - Occupied building or vehicle
CODE 2 - Unoccupied building
CODE 3 - Unoccupied vehicle
CODE 4 - Vacant building
10-44 Request for public ambulance
10-45 Serious fire related injury
CODE 1 - Victim deceased
CODE 2 - Life threatening serious injury
CODE 3 - Non-life threatening serious injury
10-47 Request police
10-48 Request police forthwith for harassment
10-51 Cancellation of outside activities
10-60 Major emergency (Bldg. collapse, train wreck, non-airport plane crash, etc.)
10-70 Water relay required - The first arriving engine has no positive water source and a water relay is required.
10-75 Request 4 engines, 2 ladders, 2 BC's, a Rescue and Squad (Working fire), FAST Truck
10-76 Hi rise building fire (Response of 5 engines, 5 ladders, 5 battalion chiefs, 1 deputy, 1 Rescue, Mask Service Unit, Hi-Rise Unit, Field Comm Unit, a Squad, a Tactical Support unit, a RAC unit, the Special Operation battalion chief, the Safety battalion chief, and a command post engine company)
10-80 Haz-Mat incident
CODE 1 - Small scale hazard (Level 1 Haz-Mat)
CODE 2 - Large scale hazard (Level 2 or 3 Haz-Mat)
10-84 Announce arrival at box
10-85 Fire Marshall requests Police assistance
10-86 Foam operations
CODE 1 - Maximum amount of Flouroprotein foam required
CODE 2 - Flouroprotein foam required
CODE 3 - High Expansion foam required
10-88 Control of fire
CODE 1 - Doubtful will hold
CODE 2 - Probably will hold
CODE 3 - Will hold
CODE 4 - Under control
10-91 Emergency with no action taken. Any legitimate request for assistance where the responding FD units are not required to take any action. (I.E. police matters; disputes; Etc.) For medical emergencies, any call where: the patient refuses medical attention (RMA); responding units are canceled en route because EMS is already on the scene; no FD action is taken because EMS arrives simultaneously or shortly after FD arrival.
10-92 Malicious false alarm
10-99 Units will operate over 30 minutes
UPDATED 3/28/2002